A Song For Imogene

Directed by Erika Arlee


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A Song For Imogene

Directed by Erika Arlee
Narrative Feature
United States | 104 min | 2023

After discovering she is pregnant by her abusive boyfriend, a fallen-away musician must decide between freeing herself or remaining a relic of her drive-by Southern town. A Song For Imogene is a gritty, female-driven independent drama set against the grueling landscape of the American rural South that explores issues around abuse, pregnancy trauma, and the female bid for independence.

As a kid in the 90s, my family often took the drive from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to my mother’s childhood home in “Little” Washington: a three hour, eastward trek down two-lane highways lined with tobacco fields. I would ride in the back seat of our purple Dodge minivan with my nose pressed to the window, fascinated by a landscape of desolate rest stops and dilapidated trailers that seemed to be stuck in time. I would spend those quiet hours with the hot summer air ripping through the car imagining what the lives of the people in those drive-by towns must be like: Were they dreaming, just like me, of something more for themselves – an escape?

Growing up and starting my film career in the south, it became increasingly apparent that there was a significant gap in the representation of southern narratives that allowed women to take up space on screen. I wasn’t watching characters: I was watching caricatures. I knew there were authentic stories here that needed to be told – a glimpse into the personal lives and struggles of these forgotten people. And through that effort, A Song For Imogene was born.

Produced with a 70% female crew, this film is a testament to the efforts put forth by not only myself as the writer/director, but my above-the-line team of women who believe in championing representation in front of and behind the lens.

“With an intelligent script that never hits a false note and a strong ensemble cast, Arlee has crafted one of the year’s finest low-budget indie films.”Rotten Tomatoes

“Film Threat Review: “Remarkable Accomplishments On Both Sides of the Camera”Rotten Tomatoes

“Cinemacy Review: ” A strong directorial debut filmmaker Erika Arlee.” Rotten Tomatoes

“Flipping the Script & Making Space for Women in Film” WHQR: CoastLine

“The Feature Is Female: The Future Might Be Too” PineStraw Magazine

Honey Head Films Bring Women’s Stories To The Screen

A Song For Imogene - Poster

A Song For Imogene - Erika ArleeErika Arlee

Erika Arlee is an award-winning director and multi-faceted filmmaker with accomplishments as an acclaimed screenwriter. Her feature directorial debut, A Song For Imogene – which she also wrote – has been praised by film critics and recently won Best Feature Film at Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival. It scored an 8 overall on The Blacklist before going on to be successfully produced by her production company Honey Head Films boasting a 100% above-the-line female team.

The film is Erika’s homage to the landscape of the American South – a place that raised her as an independent filmmaker and creative entrepreneur. Her unique approach to cinema marks her filmmaking style, which focuses on finding refreshing ways to tell authentic, character-driven stories with a distinct strategy of immersion. Raised by educators, she frequently speaks about the art of storytelling, filmmaking and production at universities, panels and film festivals.

A voracious reader, writer, and cinephile, Erika is the author of a dozen narrative short films, 4 feature films, and two TV pilots. Her mind is constantly wandering into new spaces and finding unique stories in unexpected places.

Film Information

Director: Erika Arlee
Country: United States
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 104 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Erika Arlee
Producer: Kristi Ray, Andrea Nordgren, Michelle Roca, Honey Head Films
Cinematography: Nic True
Executive Producer: Colleen Kochanek

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