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A Stork Story

Directed by Javier Enrique Pérez

Short Narrative
Puerto Rico | 13 min | 2014

When an eight year old asks his mom ‘where do babies come from?’, he is forced to embark on an adventure to reverse a spell he did himself.

A Stork Story - Javier Enrique PerezJavier Enrique Perez
Director,  Writer

Javier recently produced “200 cartas” with an approximate budget of $1,000,000 starting Tony Award Winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Camil who is one of Mexico’s leading actors and ex Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. Javier Enrique is one of Puerto Rico’s leading Assistant Directors and has collaborated with: Edward James Olmos and Lymarie Nadal in “América”, Todd Solondz in “Life during Wartime” staring Allison Janney, Ally Sheedy, Paul Reubens and Ciarán Hinds.Javier Enrique has produced short films, commercials and feature films. His first experience working in film was in the feature film “Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2” as a Production Assistant. Soon he made his way into to the developing film industry in Puerto Rico establishing himself as one of the best Assistant Directors in the Caribbean. Currently he is working in El Secreto del Retrato and Nadia’s Promises.

A Stork Story Poster

Film Information

Director: Javier Enrique Perez
Country: Puerto Rico
Year: 2014
Language: Spanish | English Subtitles
Runtime: 13 min
Rated: PG


Producers: Gina Velez, Ariel Annexy, Javier Enrique Perez
Writers: Javier Enrique Perez, Luis Santiago

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