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A Thanksgiving Carol Time

Directed by TJ Hill
Narrative Short
United States | 7 min | 2022

The Marcel family is together on the special day of Thanksgiving, and discovers a surprise that they may not be so thankful for.

A film set is only as good as its crew,. I’m incredibly grateful to my team of friends and family that made this film a reality. Not everyone would have stayed on set to endure the record-breaking -27 degree windchill we faced in the March of 2022.

A Thanksgiving Carol Time - Poster

A Thanksgiving Carol Time - T.J. Hill

TJ Hill

From stage, to musical composition, to live broadcast, to film, TJ has dabbled and found a love for storytelling in whatever medium he can get his hands on. His film work has been shown throughout the midwest at Driftless Film Fest, 815horts, and winning best film at the Milwaukee 48 Hour Project.
A life-long movie lover, TJ began his film directing journey during the year 2020 when he had to answer the question; “how do I livestream this?”. TJ and his brother, Aaron, are a duo originally from Rockford, IL. As a directing/writing team, they love to entertain as well as hold no punches with the craft.
By day, TJ is a specialist with Electronic Theater Controls, a global leader in lighting technology for film and stage.

Film Information

Director: TJ Hill
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 7 min.
Rated:  G


Writer: Aaron Hill
Producer: TJ Hill
Director of Photography: Nate Talan
Assistant Camera: Em Adkins

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