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Act II

Directed by Edward Pronley

Short Narrative
United States | 16 min | 2015

An investigative journalist must discover who is behind the attempted murder of the egotistical lead actor of an off-Broadway play before intermission is over.

Act II - Ed PronleyEdward Pronley

Ed Pronley is a Sophomore Film Major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After spending many years pursuing an interest in acting he decided to focus on directing. In High School Ed directed a few theatre productions as well as a few personal film projects. During his freshman year at UW-Milwaukee he joined the student-run Production Club. Each school year, Production Club picks a script and director to make a short film with a full student crew. When the producers announced their 2014/2015 project entitled “Act II” Ed was chosen as the director.

Act II - Poster

Film Information

Director: Edward Pronley
Country: United States
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 16 min
Rated: PG13


Producers: Emry Brisky, Caleb Ehlert, Aleena Luisier, Katelyn Schulfer, Cheryl Frawley, Eleanor Frawley, Daniel Pronley
Executive Producer: Kelly Kirshtner
Cinematographer/DP: Pierce Ellner
Film Editing: 
Jacob J. Mouradian
Production Design: Moriah Bame  

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