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Directed Gavin Michael Booth
Narrative Short
Canada | 20 min | 2020

A short film about technology’s effect on human connection. Five stories about our raw connection to each other and the progression into an AI run dystopian future..

What links many of us more than our own humanity these days? Technology. It brings us together; but at what cost? There is a growing divide around the discussion on if technology and social media are good for people. Is AI performing tasks like driving or manufacturing actually better for us or leading our society down a path from which we may not return? This is where “Artifice” begins. Five tales, each set a few more years into the future – interwoven to connect themes of the dark side of technology. Many will liken it to Black Mirror at a surface glance but there are no rogue androids or direct harm coming from the technology itself. “Artifice” is tales of humans making choices, using technology in ways that the mental and emotional harm is their own doing.

I am primarily a writer/director/producer by the nature of building one’s career, growing up in a Canadian city where filmmaking isn’t prevalent. However, it was my primary desire to direct – to be a storyteller on set. When the talented group of actors turned writers and producers who conceived “Artifice” approached me I was fascinated with the opportunity to do what is rare for me – only direct. Their passion for science fiction as well as their passion for creating work to showcase each of their acting abilities made it a wonderful collaboration.

If your festival is aware of my previous features, shorts and music videos you will find frequent collaborators here on “Artifice” – a composer who evokes raw emotion, a world class sound mixer who elevates my films’ voice and a cinematographer tasked with capturing worthy science fiction aesthetics at a fraction of the budget.

I’m asked why I still want to make short films if I’m a feature filmmaker? I want to create stories. Some are better suited for short format. Some allow for playing in genres I’ve yet to direct and some are an opportunity to create with new people as we all grow as professionals in our respective fields. “Artifice” was the best of everything I hope for in moving my filmmaking career forward. Now put your smartphone down and enjoy.

Gavin Booth

Artifice - Poster

Rent Do - Gavin Michael BoothGavin Michael Booth

Gavin Michael Booth is an award winning filmmaker from Windsor, Ontario. He works as a writer, director, producer and editor. Booth broke new filmmaking ground teaming up with producer Jason Blum (The Purge, Get Out) to create “Fifteen”, the world’s first movie broadcast live. The film was a success with worldwide media coverage. He also directed “The Scarehouse” (NBC/Universal) The Scarehouse is available on streaming everywhere and was funded in part by Telefilm Canada. Booth’s latest, “Last Call”, is a split screen real-time feature film. No hidden cuts as the film plays out with two camera crews in different parts of a city, showing two sides of a story unfold in real-time. Last Call is currently receiving outstanding praise on the festival circuit. Booth has worked with some of the top entertainers in the music industry including Music Videos and documentary projects including Todrick Hall, SYML, Third Eye Blind, Tea Party and more

Film Information

Director: Gavin Michael Booth
Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 20 min.
Rated:  R


Writer: AAP Collective
Producer:Alright Alice Productions
Cinematography: Daniel Everitt-Lock
Music: Adrian Ellis
Editor: Gavin Michael Booth

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