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Sun Feb 21, 2016 – 5 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
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Directed by David P. Sañudo

Short Narrative
Spain | 20 minutes | 2015

Xabier (Gorka Otxoa) goes for a job interview. What he doesn’t know is that he has already been selected. CORPSA offers to pay him 80,000 if he agrees to be cloned. But more than just a lot of money depends on his decision.  Still, Xabier isn’t sure. What if runs into someone identical to himself one day? Who can reassure him he won’t be replaced?

artificial-david-perez-sadunoDavid P. Sañudo

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from Madrid’s Carlos III University, he spent time in Università di Roma III (Italy) and Middlebury College (USA) and holds a Master in Cinematographic Direction from the ESCAC. After several short films during his student days, in 2010 he directed its first short film on 35mm, Indirizzo, produced by ESCAC and Escandalo Films. To date, this short film has been part of the Official Section of the Malaga Film Festival, the Sitges Festival (Nova Autoría Section), the Zaragoza Film Festival and the Montevideo Film Schools Festival, as well as being a finalist in the FNAC short film new talent awards 2012. Within the cinema industry, he also works on directing teams (No habrá paz para los malvados, 23f, Tierra de lobos,…) production teams (The Cold Light of Day), and directed the “making of” of Sueño y silencio (Jaime Rosales), filmed in Paris and the Delta del Ebro (Spain). In 2013 he directed the short film Agur, starring Fernando Albizu, which won 8 awards and more than 30 selections.

In 2014 Malas Vibraciones had its premiere. The film, which is now in distribution and has been featured in various competitions such as the Dublin International Film and Music Festival (Ireland), Timishort (Romania), Utah Art Festival (USA), Oregon Underground Film Festival (USA) -Prize for Best Director- and the Vitoria-Gasteiz Festival (Spain) CORTADA, where it won the Gureak Award for Best Basque

In 2015 he is filming Artificial, starring Gorka Otxoa and Aitor Mazo.

He is currently working on his Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication. He directs advertising as well as being an playwright and theatre director


Film Information

Director: David P. Sañudo
Country: Spain
Year: 2015
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 20 minutes


Producer: Luis Espinosa
Executive Producers: Luis Espinosa, David P. Sañudo and Gonzalo Gómez
Associate Producers:  Oscar Baro, Sergio Barrejón, Jon D. Domínguez, Lluís Murua, David Pérez Sañudo, Rubén Salazar, Álex Montoya, and Sergio Granda
Cinematographer/DP:   Víctor Benavides
Assistant Art Director:
 Fernando Pérez Sañudo
Original Music/Composer:  Jorge Granda
Art Director: Lita Echeverría
Writer: Sergio Granda
Dresser: Elixabet Núñez
Editor: Lluis Murua
VFX: Rubén Salazar

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