B-Side: For Taylor

Directed by Christina YR Lim

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B-Side: For Taylor

Directed by Christina YR Lim
Narrative Feature
United States | 100 min | 2023

A year after the sudden death of her mother, TAYLOR, a 14-year-old adoptee has secretly grown obsessed with finding her birth family in Korea. The loss has also taken a severe toll on her relationship with her father, BILL, a high school teacher who medicates his grief with alcohol. As summer begins, a Korean family unexpectedly immigrates to her all-white neighborhood and Taylor befriends a new maternal figure, AREUM who agrees to help locate her birth family. As the two grow closer, Areum’s own struggle with the loss of her old life and home helps Taylor connect with her Korean roots and grieve her mother’s death. But as they delve deeper into her birth family’s whereabouts, they discover an unforeseen truth about Taylor’s origins that threatens to break her already fragile bond with her father.

B-Side: For Taylor is a passion project inspired by my own upbringing, growing up in an interracial family in the American suburbs. After immigrating to the states with my mother and brother at the age of four, the distance quickly disconnected us from our relatives back in Korea, including my birth father. Soon after, we met Walter, my Caucasian stepfather who raised me from the age of eight. In these formative years, I found myself in the delicate struggle of having a deep curiosity about the birth parent and family that was absent from my life and guilt toward my stepfather in fear that the curiosity would mean my questioning who he was in my life. But this desire was persistent and multi-layered because it wasn’t simply about wanting to know about my family but was also about the culture that I was estranged from.

But as I delved deeper into this void I felt, it was evident that the absence and loss of my birth parent and origins played a pivotal role in shaping the surrogate parent I did have. And acknowledging this was a shift that transformed me from grief to hope in my adolescence.

This is what B-Side: For Taylor is about: letting go of the life and person you thought you were meant to be, to fully evolve and become who you actually are. Though B-Side: For Taylor is a coming-of-age story, it does not solely focus on finding oneself but rather on how the search itself shapes who we become. How our deepest voids can become the catalyst for resilience and empower us to determine for ourselves the person we want to become. It is both a cautionary tale and a story of hope – one that explores the decay of holding onto pain, but also how facing it can birth a new life. And finally, at its core, it is an homage to the unique relationship between a surrogate parent and a child (the kind that I know so well).

As a Korean-American filmmaker, I am also proud to state that our team is helmed by AAPI creatives in all key roles. Collectively, our works have premiered and received awards at festivals such as Palm Springs International ShortFest, Cinequest, Short of the Week, OUTFEST, CAAMFest, among others. We are also fortunate to have a cast that authentically reflects our story as they are Korean and Korean-American talent who have already enriched the screen through notable independent features such as MS. PURPLE (Sundance ‘19) and MINARI (Best Picture Oscar nominee ’21).

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B-Side for Taylor - Poster

B-Side for Taylor - Christine YM Lim

Christina YR Lim

Born in Madrid, and raised in Maryland, Christina YR Lim is a Korean–American writer/director who explores Asian diasporas through fish-out-of-water, genre-bending stories. Lim began in theatre, working with companies like the Goodman Theatre, Center Theatre Group, and East West Players. Christina then turned to filmmaking, earning her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in directing and screenwriting.

As a writer, Lim won SeriesFest’s Women’s Writing Competition garnering her a development deal with Kyra Sedgwick’s Big Swing Productions. Her feature script, GYOPO was a semifinalist for the Academy Nicholl’s Fellowship, the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, and a finalist for The Script Lab and the Wescreenplay Diverse Voices. It was also selected for the 2022-23 Black List x Women in Film Feature Residency. Her latest script, ICON was selected for EAVE’s Ties That Bind, participating in TCCF in Taipei and the upcoming Far East Film Market in Udine, Italy. It was also a selection of Cine Qua Non’s Storylines lab in 2023.

Lim’s films have been screened and awarded at multiple film festivals including Bentonville, RiverRun, Cinequest, LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival, and CAAMFest. She co-directed SAMIR, a feature film, funded and distributed by Warner Bros., which premiered at Heartland Int. Film Festival. She has also directed films in Shanghai and Beijing and is an alumnus of Yale’s directing lab.

Lim’s first feature film as an auteur, B-SIDE: FOR TAYLOR will be distributed by Buffalo 8 and EST Studios and is set to release in 2024. This year, she will be filming a proof-of-concept for her feature, GYOPO as a recipient of The Black List x GM incubator fund. She will also be a fellow of the Reykjavík International Film Festival Talent Lab. www.christinayrlim.com

Film Information

Director: Christina YR Lim
Country: United States
Year: 2023
Language: English, Korean
Runtime: 100 min
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Christina YR Lim
Producer:  Xin Li, David Liu
Cinematographer: Philips Shum
Editor:Mengyao Mia Zhang
Composer: Peter Lam

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