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Back at the Staircase

Celebrating Women in Film | BIFF 2019Directed by Drew Britton
Narrative Feature
USA | 77min | 2017

Barbara had arranged a pre-party dinner for her two daughters and two nephews: Tomorrow was to be the big celebration for her youngest daughter’s arson charges being dropped on a technicality.

But after too many drinks, Barbara fell down the stairs, cracked her head open, and is now in a coma.

Unaware of how long they’ll be trapped together waiting for the doctor’s call, the estranged individuals’ true selves slowly begin to surface.

Back at the Staircase Poster

Back at the Staircase - Drew BrittonDrew Britton

Britton is a former graduate student from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he obtained his MFA in film.

After making his first feature “When the King Tilts”, the film played a number of festivals, picking up four awards along the way. Britton then went on to complete his follow-up feature “Back at the Staircase”, which showcases a cast of established actors from a number of breakout hits in both television and film.

Titles include: Tangerine, Big Little Lies, The Mend, The Midnight Swim, Manson Family Vacation, Lamb, Starlet, Billions, Homeland, Togetherness, The Freebie and many more.

Filmmaker Introduction

Back at the Staircase

Film Information

Directors: Drew Britton
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language:  English
Runtime: 77 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Jessica Farrell, Drew Britton
Writer:Drew Britton
Cinematography: Quinn Hester
Music: Brian Packham

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