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Directed by Christopher R. Watson
Narrative Short
United Kingdom | 18 min | 2018

Set on the unruly outskirts of Mumbai, Bagheera is the determined young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop. She teaches her pack everything from Snake Handling to Short Wave Radio communication, at the same time equipping them with courage and determination. Little does she know that her own strength and expertise are about to be pushed to their limit in a fight for her life. Abducted by a terrifying psychopath, she uses the skills of her many achievement badges to escape and serve up a scorching retribution.

The film addresses a major issue facing many societies throughout the world today, the violent denigration of women. Whilst the subject is dark, the message is uplifting. Bagheera reminds us that bravery and resourcefulness are two of humanity’s most powerful tools.

Bagheera Movie Poster | Christopher Watson, Director

Bagheera - Christopher WatsonChristopher R. Watson

Christopher is an experienced writer, director who has been living in Mumbai, India for most of the last four years. He is fascinated by Indian culture and his work is focussed on exploring the extraordinary diversity of human experience that he sees in the Indian landscape.

He has written two feature films in Hindi language, that are currently in development in India and carefully crafts his stories to have resonance for both Indian and International audiences. This hybrid approach lends his work a unique creative difference.

Film Information

Directors:  Christopher R. Watson
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2018
Language: Hindi, English subtitles
Runtime: 18 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Christopher R. Watson, Sakar Raut
Executive Producers:
Jodie Waterhouse and Stuart Watson
Writer: Christopher R. Watson
Music:Bernie Gardner, Kira McCaig
Cinematographer: Anu Moothedath
Editor: Neil Edwards

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