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The Beast with a Thousand Faces

Directed by Edgar Barrera
Documentary Short
Spain | 11 min | 2023

Edgar, a thirty-something documentary filmmaker diagnosed with OCD, films his routine as he recounts his past and present dealing with this disorder. He has always been supported by the people in his close circle. However, he has never met someone with the same condition, someone who also goes through this mental seesaw.
We will meet a young magician and the mother of a boy with OCD, all touched by the same condition and its various faces. Edgar will seek answers to questions that constantly haunt his mind, such as: How on earth have they been able to understand their minds? How have they overcome the various obstacles? And if they have overcome them at all.

Three Hours Per Frame: Creating Of Wood was my pandemic project. I often wore a mask during our shoots. I feel honored to have been able to record the creation of OF Wood, a much celebrated stop-cut animation. Owen was a lot of fun to work with and I’m sure everyone will love meeting him in this film.

The Beast with a Thousand Faces - Poster

The Beast with a Thousand Faces - Edgar Barrera

Edgar Barrera

At the age of sixteen my fascination for the world of cinema began, I remember that my first job was in a video store located in my hometown, Guatemala City.
As time went by, I put my dream of becoming a filmmaker on hold and decided to venture into the world of acting. In 2022, I finished my studies in Barcelona at the acting school for theater, film and television, La Bobina.
I have dabbled in small roles as an actor, but the filmmaking bug was starting to bite me, that’s when I realized that it was time to dive into filmmaking, more specifically, in documentary filmmaking. I was seduced by the magic of personal glimpses into other worlds far away from my own and I felt the need to tell real stories, of people and places that don’t need a fictional script or pompous sets; just a camera and a microphone.

Film Information

Director:  Edgar Barrera
Country:  Spain
Year: 2023
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 11 min
Rated:  PG


Producer: Edgar Barrera, Mar Canet, Edgar Barrera, Conrado López
Edgar Barrera

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