Becoming Bulletproof

Genre:   Western, Social Issue
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   No
Rating:   G
Runtime:   80 min.
Director:   Theodore James
Producer:   Theodore James
Website :   Becoming Bulletproof


Becoming Bulletproof


“Becoming Bulletproof” is an intimate film about the fabric of the Zeno Actors Camp. The film follows the Zeno gang as they live and work together while making an original narrative film. Their films are not about disability but many of the cast and crew have disabilities. throughout the camp they work on all stages of production. This all leads up to the big Zeno premiere in Los Angeles. All are on hand to share the film, answer questions, sign autographs, and walk the red carpet. parents, friends, and celebrities alike come to celebrate the film.

“Becoming Bulletproof” will explore the friendships that develop between people with and without disabilities as they live together for the duration of the movie camp. the film digs into the beauty and difficulty of the relationships of people who come from all walks of life.

In addition, “Becoming Bulletproof” follows the campers home to show what it means to be disabled in a modern world. Going home with the campers breaks preconceived notions that the audience may have about what living with a disability is truly like.

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