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Being 1 in 26

Directed by Mackenzie Hopfauf
Narrative Short
USA | 5 min | 2018

Hello World! Alright, this was my final project for my Film 118 class. Our assignment was called “The Real” in which we had to take something real from our life or someone else’s and turn it into a video. I, of course chose my epilepsy. I was inspired by the comparison that, “having epilepsy is like having your own personal stalker, it’s always with you and you never know when it will strike next.”

This project is dear to my heart and I’ve had the idea for awhile. Shoutout to Ellie Trotter for depicting the character of Elda so incredibly! I can’t wait to see you on the big screen one day. My goal for this project is to share with the world some signals of oncoming seizures so everyday people can learn how to recognize when someone may begin seizing.

For those that don’t know, I have epilepsy, but will be three years seizure free this upcoming June. I have never let my epilepsy stop me from pursuing my dreams, and anyone out there with or without a disorder, you should think the same! You can do anything when you put hard work into it!

I really hope you enjoy this production!

So Smile, Be Kind, and See Ya Soon,
~Mackenzie Hopfauf

Seizure the Day is a passion project based on my real experience with epilepsy along with families’ stories I’ve met along the way. My hope is you walk away from this film more educated about epilepsy and the importance of living life to the fullest.

Being One In Twenty Six | Movie Poster

Seizure the Day - Mackenzie HopfaufMackenzie Hopfauf

Mackenzie Hopfauf is a filmmaker and LA based production coordinator. Recent projects include BACHELORETTE 18, HULU’s BEST IN DOUGH, and BACHELOR 26. While achieving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Mackenzie interned with 371 Productions and UW-Milwaukee’s Student Involvement. Currently, six years seizure-free, Mackenzie has been a national advocate for epilepsy ever since her seizures returned in 2011. She’s spoken to Washington D.C. congressman about government funding for research as well as raised thousands of dollars for the Epilepsy Foundation over the years. She is both blessed and thrilled to blend both of her passions together to uplift underrepresented voices while also entertaining audiences.

Film Information

Director:Mackenzie Hopfauf
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Language: English
Runtime: 5 min.
Rated: G


Writer:Mackenzie Hopfauf
Producer: Mackenzie Hopfauf, Jasmine Graham

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