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Directed by Faraday Okoro

Short Narrative
USA | 9 minutes | 2015

A father and son agree to a ‘winner take all’ blitz chess game in order to settle a bet.

Blitz - Faraday OkoroFaraday Okoro
Director, Producer, Writer

Faraday Okoro is a New York City based Nigerian-American filmmaker. Named after Michael Faraday, a 19th century English physicist and chemist, the idea of pursuing a career in science has been instilled in Faraday since birth. Though, despite his upbringing and name for that matter, Faraday was inspired to pursue a career in filmmaking after watching 20 minutes of the film Road to Perdition. Faraday has a BA in Radio, TV & Film from Howard University and is currently pursuing a MFA in filmmaking at the prestigious New York University – Tisch School of the Arts.

Blitz - Poster

Film Information

Director: Faraday Okoro
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 9 minutes


Editor: Faraday Okoro
Sheldon Chau
Executive Producer:
Faraday Okoro
Sound Mixer/Boom:
Einet Korman
Key Cast:
Donavon Dietz and Antonio Barrera

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