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Bobcat Moretti

Directed by Rob Margolies
Narrative Feature
United States | 96 min | 2022

An obese multiple sclerosis patient takes up his late Father’s sport of boxing to overcome personal tragedy and find inner peace. “Bobcat Moretti” was filmed over the course of ten months, during COVID-19, allowing our lead actor to lose 154-pounds and embody the role.

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Anything is possible with determination, including finding a cure for the 2.8 million people suffering with multiple sclerosis (MS) today. In addition to Bobby Moretti, my film’s protagonist, among those afflicted with MS include three of my Executive Producers: TIFF alumnus, Matthew Embry, MS influencer, Dawnmarie Deshaies, and Sheila Legette, manager to “Bobcat Moretti” stars Vivica A. Fox and Taryn Manning.

“Bobcat Moretti” was a true labor of love. We all worked for scale and signed on to change the world and tell a never-been-told story. The making of the film alone has already positively influenced so many lives. This film will inspire anybody with a heart and I can’t wait to share it. It is complete and it has not screened anywhere yet. We are currently editing a trailer as impactful as the film. Thank you very much for your time!

Bobcat Moretti - Poster

Bobcat Moretti - Rob MargoliesRob Margolies

Rob is a graduate from Chapman University, where he produced the first film by his peers, the Duffer Brothers, who later created “Stranger Things”. As part of a scholarship, Rob was mentored by Academy Award winning director William Friedkin for a year. Rob was honored as “Alumnus of the Year” by Chapman University’s Dodge College in 2009.

With a keen business sense to match his creativity and confidence, Rob has helped find financing for his own passion projects as well as those of his peers. He is attracted to stories, always heavily influenced by diversity in casting and 2SLGBTQIA+.

When Rob is not making films, he’s watching them. Currently, his love for cinema is being shared with his young children, Bastian and Ellis, who appear in “Bobcat Moretti” opposite Taryn Manning.

Film Information

Director:  Rob Margolies
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 96 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Tim Realbuto, Rob Margolies
Producers: Rob Margolies, Vivica A. Fox, Taryn Manning
Composer: Ilan Rubin
Cinematopraphy: Andressa Cordeiro
Editor: Taylor Brusky

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