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Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story

Directed by Zach Jordan

United States | 1 hr 14 min | 2015

Carpe Kilimanjaro is the the story of Zach Jordan’s literal ascension of a mountain, with his Spanish father-in-law and his metaphorical ascension to fatherhood, in the face of his own father’s Alzheimer’s.

Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story -Zach JordanZach Jordan
Director, Producer, Cinematography

Zach is the writer, director, and co-producer of “Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story”. He is an award-winning Founder / Partner at Joe Digital, Inc. and has created and developed content for some of the leading platforms in traditional and new media. As a documentary filmmaker, he worked as a camera man on “America’s Deadliest Catch”, was a Producer and Cinematographer on “Buckle Brothers: A Documentary on the Soul of a Cowboy”, which was one of 10 documentaries chosen to premiere at the 2005 AFI Film Festival in LA, and as a camera man on “Derailroaded”, the award-winning documentary on Wild Man Fischer.

In addition to feature documentaries and TV, Zach directed and produced the digital series “Operation Midnight Climax”, about the CIA sponsored LSD experiments in brothels during the 1950’s, which was featured at the 2009 ITV festival in Hollywood, as well as the Thrill Spy festival in Washington, D.C. In 2014, Zach co-created, directed, and produced the series “Idol Insider”, for Fox Broadcasting and VEVO, which was in conjunction with the hit TV show, “American Idol”. Working with MSN for several years, Zach wrote, directed, shot, produced, and/or voiced several digital series, that were featured on the MSN Video Network, as well as other platforms. His original MSN series “Road Raves”, garnered a 2012 Webby Award for him and his partner, Peter Schankowitz.

Before starting Joe Digital, Inc., Zach was a founding producer and VP of Business Development at, one of the world’s largest producers of factual, online content. During his tenure, he wrote and produced over 2,000 videos, including over 300 titles for the MSN Live Earth event in 2007, featuring Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Oppenheimer and celebrity environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. Zach has written and produced projects for major brands like: Coca-Cola, Nike, the NBA, Hasbro, Kiva, Friends of the Earth, and he’s a survivor of the late 90’s San Francisco dot-com boom, where he began his career producing short form, web and branded content and collecting useless stock certificates. In a past life, he worked as a voiceover artist, lending his voice to over 15 regional commercials, video games for Xbox, and the Walmart in-store networks. He studied as a professional actor for several years, under legendary teachers, Jean Shelton in San Francisco and Rick Edelstein in Los Angeles.

Most recently, Zach worked as an Executive Producer on “American Idol Season 12 and XIII”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and “X Factor”, for the Fox Digital team. Zach and Peter executive produced, designed, and executed on all facets of American Idol’s digital presence during these two seasons and co-partnered with Fox to co-manage the very first, truly 360 degree, multi-platform effort, to bring the ultimate singing competition to the masses. Zach and Peter produced a raft of new content franchises, a 90 minute finale pre-show, broadcast live from the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles, and over 1,500 original videos, that were distributed across, YouTube, Hulu, and the show’s official mobile platforms. In 2014, Zach and Peter took home a Social TV award, for their content featured on the American Idol Live Sync experience.

Carpe Kilimanjaro: An Alzheimer’s Story -Poster

Film Information

Director: Zach Jordan
Country: United States
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hr 14 min
Rated: PG13


Producers: Zach Jordan, Peter Schankowitz, James Bontempo, Lex Edelman
Cinematographer/DP: Zach Jordan
Original Music/Composer: Alex Lu

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