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Cerulean Blue

Directed by Adrian Ortega
Narrative Feature
Australia | 72 min | 2019

An introvert’s urgent road trip to reclaim his lost love is derailed when he meets a free-spirited woman who challenges all of his ideals.

Cerulean Blue is a thesis on love, loss, and all the things in-between. It is the outcome of my own personal experiences tackling depression, obsession, regret, and isolation in my early twenties. During this incomprehensible time in my life, the development of Cerulean Blue was something that helped me overcome my inner- demons and helped me challenge myself not only creatively, but emotionally.

Alex’s story is one that I am personally connected to and his journey speaks to me on both a spiritual and emotional level. Cerulean Blue’s significance comes at a time when both male and female clichés are being challenged in the film industry and throughout the world. It challenges both clichés as well as raises questions regarding whether we can truly overcome our own darkest instincts or simply learn to deal with them as they hide in the background. My film is universal in theme but unique in its presentation and as my debut feature film it is very close to heart.

Cerulean Blue is a product of collaboration with many talented young filmmakers from Melbourne, each who put in their hard time and effort into getting my film made to the best and most efficient way possible on a shoestring budget.

My hopes are that audiences will have different interpretations of what the film’s message is and that they gain something from the experience of watching it. It’s a unique indie comedy/drama and is something new to come out of Australia.

Cerulean Blue Poster

Adrian Ortega, Director | 2019 JIM LEE PHOTO

Adrian Ortega

Calling Adrian Ortega’s knowledge base of film an obsession is an understatement. At age nine, he was would watch a movie in theatres and immediately run home in order to write out the entire screenplay from memory.

Adrian was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. A lover of cinema since an early age, Adrian developed a fascination with film as young as two years old when he first viewed Victor Fleming’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ on VHS. Having come from a background of acting, dance and music in his youth, Adrian first discovered his love for being behind the camera whilst studying media in secondary school at Footscray City College.

After graduating high school, Adrian completed a Diploma of Screen and Media from Footscray City Films, an independent film school in Melbourne’s inner-western suburbs; an area close to Adrian’s heart.

Adrian directed and produced his debut documentary short “Bodycrash: A Look Into Melbourne’s Unique Club Scene”. It was released online to a media storm, gaining thousands of views online within the first week of release and was featured in news articles from both and Vice Magazine (Thump channel).

Adrian’s second documentary short “Modus Operandi: A Look Into Melbourne’s Urban Exploring Scene” followed the discussion of Melbourne youth-subcultures; but those of which are involved in the dangerous and unusual hobbies of train surfing and building climbing. It was also released online to another media storm with the film getting Adrian interviews with both Channel 10 News and The Daily Mail in the U.K.

His third documentary short “They Call Me Spiderman” was included in the Top 100 Short Films from around the world for The St. Kilda Film Festival in 2016 program.

Adrian is passionate about telling stories from his own personal experiences and about people from his life, which was the sole inspiration for Cerulean Blue.

Film Information

Director: Adrian Ortega
Country: Australian
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 72 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Adrian Ortega
Executive Producer:  Patrick Jennings, Mario Ortega
Writer: Adrian Ortega
Director of Photography: Anthony Koreny

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