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Chopping Block

Directed by Tim Schwagel
Narrative Short
USA | 10 min | 2021

A young woman confronts someone too close for comfort after an alarming realization.

The idea for Chopping Block came from thinking about that feeling you get in your gut when you really need to tell someone something important but you’re terrified about how they may react. From there it slowly evolved into a dramedy about anxiety and gnarliness of what is often said in the heat of the moment.

Chopping Block - Poster

Chopping Block - Tim SchwagelTim Schwagel

I’m a filmmaker based in Eau Claire WI and I’ve loved movies ever since my dad took me to see “Dinosaur” when I was three years old. Eau Claire doesn’t have a large film community, but it is strong and I feel lucky to be able to do what I love right in my home town.

Film Information

Director: Tim Schwagel
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 10 min.
Rated: R


Writer: Tim Schwagel
Producer: Tim Schwagel, Zach Staads
Cinematographer: Nick Houchin
Music: Jasmine Janaé Charleston

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