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Directed by Mohammadreza Mayghani
Narrative Short
Islamic Republic of Iran | 11 min | 2019

A public toilet cleaner is concerned about her pregnancy test on a normal day of her work.

My dear friend and creative partner-in-crime, Jess Weixler, was pregnant with her first child last year. I’d recently become a father myself, and we were both asking ourselves the big questions: “What does it mean to be a parent?” “How will this new responsibility affect us as artists?” “Are we going to make ALL the same mistakes our parents did?” And most significantly… “Are we fuckin’ ready to become adults?”

So we decided to take all this existential exploration and head back to our indie roots to make a movie about it. We assembled a team of rock-star friends and collaborators and shot the film in 8 days (with an 8-month pregnant co-star) on a shoestring budget. The resulting movie is one that we are very proud of — a scrappy, punk rock comedy that serves as both an immediate and true (if somewhat hyperbolized) snapshot of a potent turning point in our lives.

Cleaner Poster

Cleaner Poster - Mohammadreza MayghaniMohammadreza Mayghani

MOHAMMADREZA MAYGHANI (Arak, IRAN, 1995). His interest in cinema led him to get acting certificate from University of Tehran science and technology park in 2010.He studied advanced filmmaking at Hilaj Cinema School and continued his education at Soore University in bachelor of dramatic literature. “Cleaner” is his first short film as a director, after his personal experiences at university period.

Film Information

Director: Mohammadreza Mayghani
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Year: 2019
Language: Persian
Runtime: 11 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Mohammadreza Mayghani
Writer: Mohammadreza Mayghani

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