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Cool for Five Seconds

Directed by Dani Wieder
Narrative Short
USA | 12 min | 2019

Colleen invites Eleanor to meet her in a diner late at night. They haven’t spoken in years – and Colleen has something to say

What does it mean to be siblings as adults? To be family when we no longer live under the same roof? When Colleen and Eleanor reunite, they have strong expectations for one another’s personalities and values. Over the course of their conversation, the fantasy of who their sister should be slowly crumbles, revealing the human on the other side of the table. How do we make space for others to grow? For ourselves to change in the eyes of others? This film is a lovingly imagined proposal of what might be possible if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with the people who know us best.

Cool for Five Seconds | Mary Tilden

Dani Wieder, Director | Cool For Five SecondsDani Wieder

Dani is a director of visually and physically adventurous film and theater based in Chicago. She has directed plays across Chicago, and serves as the Literary Manager of Haven Theatre Company. Originally from California, Dani attended the University of Chicago, where she studied Theater and Performance, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. “Cool for Five Seconds” is her first short film. www.daniwieder.com

Film Information

Director: Dani Wieder
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 12 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Dani Wieder, Mary Tilden, Katherine Bourne Taylor
Writer: Calamity West
Director of Photography: Jason Chiu
Editor: Lindsay Rynne

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