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Curse Breakers

Directed by Caché Petters-Matthews
Narrative Short
United States | 14 min | 2023

Mary is a young, resilient, and loving black woman. While grocery shopping with her two kids, she encounters her childhood sexual abuser. This story unveils three generations of women who deal with generational trauma. Curse Breakers echoes a common narrative of black communities in real life.

“Highlights at the 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival”Roger Ebert

“Emerging filmmakers empower audiences at Heartland’s 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival” Cinema Femme

Curse Breakers has been with me for the last several years. The thing always on my mind, a constant thorn in my side, and the prize I always kept my eye on. So many highs and lows, and now watching the film and seeing how far I’ve come I am nothing but proud. I consider this to be my calling card, showing my passion and the beginning of an exciting directing career. Excited to share the story that is inspired by my mother and intended to help foster change in the black community for generations.

Curse Breakers is a dramatic short film and a coming-of-age tale told from the perspective of a young black mother who has experienced sexual abuse from a trusted person in her childhood. In a chance meeting with her abuser, she is triggered and experiences a trauma response, causing her to face the past she is desperately trying to escape.

In approaching the story, our major inspirations were Barry Jenkins “Moonlight”, Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project”, Ryan Coogler’s “Locks”, and Stella Meghie’s “The Photograph”. Our story, like our inspirations, is character-based and captures a touching, healing moment in a black women’s life. In watching this film, we want all audiences to empathize with the experience of what it means to break generational cycles and represent those who continue to reshape their legacy.

My cast and crew were the most special part of the entire process for me – I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without them! I hope this film influences people to challenge normativism in their lives. There are so many ways to be a curse breaker!

Thank you for watching! Enjoy.

– Caché

Curse Breaker - Poster

Curse Breaker - Cache Petters MatthewsCaché Petters-Matthews

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York, Caché Petters-Matthews has been an avid reader and writer of a variety of stories from a young age. She tells stories that allow a peek at her vulnerability, that is representative of people who don’t get their own stories, for people to feel connected across time and represented. Their art is honest and personal, exploring identity, change, and life.

She loves to direct and edit shorts, music videos, and documentaries. She is a writer and is currently working on their next short, Made of Hellfyre, and her feature. Caché graduated from DePaul University with an MFA in Film and TV Directing and her thesis film, Curse Breakers, is currently touring festivals.

She currently resides in Chicago, IL.

Film Information

Director: Caché Petters-Matthews
Country: United States
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 14 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Caché Petters-Matthews
Producer: Caché Petters-Matthews, Deisy Gomez
Cinematography: Kemi Mayomi
Editor: Rou Wang
Music: Ashley K. Randle
Production Designer: Blake Bonaparte

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