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The Daughter

Directed by Soon-a Nam
Narrative Short
Republic of Korea | 21 min | 2021

After taking care of her mother for a long time, Hyo-eun inherits her mother’s home after she passed away. She tries to escape her mother’s shadow by removing any trace of her in the house. But as she is doing so, she hears whispers of her mother’s voice and strange things begin to happen.

The idea for Chopping Block came from thinking about that feeling you get in your gut when you really need to tell someone something important but you’re terrified about how they may react. From there it slowly evolved into a dramedy about anxiety and gnarliness of what is often said in the heat of the moment.

The Daughter - poster

The Daughter - Soon-a NamSoon-a Nam

Born in Seoul, in 1991
2009 Drop out of Ewoo high school
2009 Completed production training courses at the Media Center MEDIACT

Film Information

Director:  Soon-a Nam
Country: Republic of Korea
Year: 2021
Language: Korean
Runtime: 21 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writer: Soon-a Nam
Producer: Jae-in Yoo

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