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The Diminished Risk

Directed by Philippe Lacoeuille

Short Narrative
France | 29 Min | 2014

A baby is communicating with his parents from inside his mother’s belly to negociate his forthcoming birth. So naturally he hires a notorious lawyer…

The Diminished Risk - Philippe LacoeuillePhilippe Lacoeuille
Director, Producer, Writer

Philippe Lacoeuille is a TV writer for animated series (FROG ET FOU FURET, L’ANE TROTRO…) broadcast on France Télévisions, M6, Disney Channel or Canal +. Author of comic strip, he released LE MOUSTIQUAIRE DE BERLIN a book rewarded with the Grand Prix européen Arte-Glénat. Also writer and director of live action fictions (OPIUM, ARMES SENSIBLES) selected in festivals and broadcast on Television.

The Diminished Risk - Poster

Film Information

Director: Philippe Lacoeuille
Country: France
Year: 2014
Language: French
Runtime: 29 min
Rated: PG13


Producers: Philippe Lacoeuille, Jean-Francois Mozerr, Franck Lacoeuille
Cinematography: Stéphane Patti
Music: Franck Sforza
Production Design: Philippe Vinolo
Costume Design: Stéphanie Camuzet

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