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The Dinner Guest

Directed by Dale Griffiths Stamos
Narrative Short
Unites States | 14 min | 2017

Valerie Garner has been working for the last six months as the new accounts manager at an advertising agency. Her boss, creative director Dan Lambert, says his wife, Margaret, has insisted Valerie come to dinner. The reason? To meet the talented young woman who has made quite a splash at the agency. But once Valerie arrives at the Lambert home, all is not as it seems.

This is my fourth short film as a writer and producer, and my first as a director. I felt compelled to move into directing my own writing because I saw how intertwined the two arts are in film. In theatre, a world I spent many years in, the line between the two is much more defined. But in film, that synergy between word and image, between an angle chosen, and an emotion conveyed, between a look worth many words, and a word spoken at just the right moment, is continual and flowing. Additionally, the process of adapting one of my plays into film, though not the first time I have done this, was its own intriguing and expansive experience, having now donned a director’s hat. I also particularly like the short form – I love telling a whole story (with beginning, middle, end) in a shorter period of time.

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The Dinner Guest - Dale Griffiths StamosDale Griffiths Stamos

Dale Griffiths Stamos is a writer/director/producer who has written and co-produced or produced six short films, three of which she also directed. Her films have been official selections at over 60 film festivals including Palm Springs ShortFest, Dances with Films, Newport Beach, Sedona, Breckenridge, and San Luis Obispo. They have received two Audience Awards and eight Jury Awards. A working playwright as well, her full-length and short plays have been produced throughout the country and garnered a number of awards.

Film Information

Director: Dale Griffiths Stamos
Country: United States
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 14 min.
Rated:  PG-13


Writer:Dale Griffiths Stamos
Producer:Venice Sky Productions, Dale Griffiths Stamos
Cinematography: Egor Povolotskiy
Editor: Alexander Babaev

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