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Directed by Son Il-Seong
Narrative Feature
South Korea | 84 min | 2017

In a small town in the countryside of South Korea, Donghwa, the Reverend’s son, aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps. One day, he meets Eun-jeong, a transfer student who seems to hide a secret, and as they start to know each other, his feelings towards her grow little by little. Eun-jeong’s stepfather Jang-ho works to push redevelopment in town, while Donghwa’s father Jin-seok actively seeks to stop it.

Also, Donghwa’s best friend Jun-sang, victim of this redevelopment strategy, has to leave. Eun-jeong’s mother, despite knowing her daughter’s secret, remains silent, bound as she is to her need for money. In the center of it all, Donghwa and Eun-jeong merely hope for happiness. Will they achieve it? And what is it that Eun-jeong’s hiding?

Dong-Hwa - Il-Seong SON, DirectorSon Il-Seong 

Il-Seong, SON, the director of this film is from Busan of South Korea.
He was graduated from ‘Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts’ for major of film directing and he is actively working on films including features, shorts, documentaries in Busan nowadays. In addition, he produced several films of ‘Asian Film Academy’ in ‘Busan International Film Festival’.
He was a director of some short films including Wanderer, Tal. Those short films he directed were screened and won in some of film festivals.
DONG-HWA is his first feature film as a director. He wants to show his own perspective on LOVE through the film, DONG-HWA.

Dong-Hwa Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Son Il-Seong
Country: South Korea
Year: 2017
Language: Korean. English Subtitles
Runtime: 84 min
Rated: PG 13


Producer: Lee Jun Sang
Cinematographer: CHO Wangseop
Production Designer: Lim Dong Yoon
Composer: Kim Eun Ji

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