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The Duckpond

Directed by Robert Andersson
Narrative Feature
Sweden | 90 min | 2019

Fredriks peaceful life in an idyllic small town is turned upside down when his old childhood friend Patrik is released from prison. Together with Birger, the third member of their old trio, they manage to get lost in a spiral of chaos involving a vindictive policeman, a few grams of weed and a gang of danish robbers.

The Duckpond is an elevated drama comedy about the unintentional change that is impossible to foresee and can change ones life in the blink of an eye.

My intention with this film was to be subtly feminist, a little bit raunchy, and entirely relatable.

In the film I explore a group of characters in their early 30s struggling with the angst of embracing adulthood and true intimacy, the fantasies that need to be chucked out the window for relationships to evolve, how friendships change over time (or don’t), and the tender, sometimes effed up, beauty of love.

My hopes are that audiences will have different interpretations of what the film’s message is and that they gain something from the experience of watching it. It’s a unique indie comedy/drama and is something new to come out of Australia.

The Duckpond - Poster

The Duckpond - Robert AnderssonRobert Andersson

Born in Sweden 1984, Robert Andersson has always been interested in storytelling and filmmaking. He studied at Stockholm film school 2006 and graduated from The New York Film Academy 2010 in directing and film production. He spent 12 years actively working in the production field, starting as a gaffer assistant in 2006 and has then worked as an editor, 2nd & 1st AC, gaffer, grip, script developer, distribution assistant, camera operator etc. Today Robert Andersson works as a freelance DOP and Editor. On he’s free time he writes feature film screenplays and directs short films. In 2019 he directed his first feature film The Duckpond.

Film Information

Director: Robert Andersson
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Language: Swedish
Runtime: 90 min.
Rated: R


Producer: Robert Andersson, Jonas Svertemark
Music: Glen Gabriel
Writer: Robert Andersson

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