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Sat Mar 2, 2019 – 7:30 pm | La Casa Grande

The Dumb Cat

Directed by Paolo Cipolletta
Narrative Short
Italy | 15 min | 2017

Moncherì is a young transsexual man with many merits. His dream is to open his own craftshop one day, but he is forced to prostitute himself to survive. He loves his cat “Life “ so much to establish a symbiotisc relationship with it.

One of Moncheri’s most steady “guest” is a rude man passionate about transsexuals: the Police Commissioner Cuccurullo. Moncherì is very fond of him despite everything.

Moncherì is also very religious, though he loves to live his religion as well as life : in a personal way and free from every preconception.

Moncherì meets Anna for the first time exactly in a church. Anna is a middle-aged bourgeois woman, married and without children. With cold and lucid determination, she will use the transsexual to get what she wants, that is a child.

Unfortunately, in this sea of ​​unhappiness and sadness another human being will be dragged. His name is Christian, a young student who will succeed in conquering Moncherì with his candor and his sincerity. At the end Moncherì will be forced to move away from him only to protect him.

Christian’s life, at this point, will not last long: abandoned by Moncherì, he will die hanging in the dim light of his room.

The Dumb Cat Poster

The Dumb Cat - Paolo CipollettaPaolo Cipolletta

Paolo Cipolletta was born in Naples in 1978. He currently lives and works in his native city. He is an Experienced Communication Trainer, journalist and screenwriter. “Three Months” is his first movie subject published by Iuppiter Editions in the “Perfect Red Perfect Black Anthology.” He is the author of The Dumb Cat ‘s screenplay and co-author of another screenplay titled Intermittenze. With The Dumb Cat, he signed his first directing.

Film Information

Director: Paolo Cipolletta
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Language: Italian
Runtime: 15 min.


Producers: Uncoso srl
Writer: Paolo Cipolletta
Cinematography: Emilio Costa
Key Cast: Alessia Cinquegrana, Gianfranco Gallo, Lucia Rocco, Andrea Grasso

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