Each Lovely Thing

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Directed by Paloma Nozicka


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Each Lovely Thing

Directed by Paloma Nozicka
Narrative Short
United States | 15 min | 2022

In the midst of setting up for a mysterious party, a woman tries to stop her flighty younger sister from making a devastating choice.

“Highlights at the 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival”Roger Ebert


“Emerging filmmakers empower audiences at Heartland’s 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival” Cinema Femme

“In 2016 I read an article about a young woman with ALS who threw herself a “Rebirth Ceremony”- i.e., a party at which she would take a lethal medication and end her life on her terms, surrounded by her family and friends.

I was so affected by this story that it stayed with me for years. I wondered, often, not only about the woman who hosted the gathering, but about the guests. Surely there had been someone at that party who wasn’t in agreement with this decision. A friend? A family member? A sister?

Eventually, I sat down to write my feelings about it all and EACH LOVELY THING was the result.

Films about grief often take place in white spaces, told by white characters. I’m hoping that by making films that star BIPOC (specifically Latine) characters, I can contribute to changing the landscape and removing the stigma that we can’t tell stories about ALL human experiences.

I hope you’ll love watching this film as much as I loved making it. This was a process truly filled with joy from start to finish.” -Paloma

Each Lovely Thing - Poster
Each Lovely Thing - Paloma Nozicka

Paloma Nozicka
as Amy

Paloma Nozicka

Paloma is a proud Mexican-American actor, writer, director and filmmaker, born in Chicago and based in Los Angeles. She loves femme-forward stories and anything that promotes the equality of historically marginalized groups, specifically Latine people. Her dark humor combined with her perspectives on death, grief, and womanhood blend together to create unique stories that are all her own.

She currently has a feature film in development. She is also working on her Death Doula certification.

Film Information

Director: Paloma Nozicka
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 15 min
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Paloma Nozicka
Producer: Lucas A. Ferrara, Vance Smith
Cinematography: Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Editor: Zoé Kraft
Composer: Bradley Grant Smith

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