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Directed by Martina Scarpelli
Narrative Short
France | 12 min | 2018

A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.

Voices Inside our heads are always speaking to us and this inevitable question, Which one am I? Which one is me?
An Infinite number of “me”s are born throughout our lives. We nurture them, consume them, and unexpectedly lose some of them. But the voices inside us and our accompanying color do not turn off. It’s impossible to live without them on the path to find ourselves; we have to pass through turmoil, empathize with ourselves, and stay alive.
Maybe somewhere we could move past this other one and make the same color and the same voice.

Egg - Poster

Egg - Martina ScarpelliMartina Scarpelli

My name is Martina Scarpelli, I am an Italian film maker and artist based in Denmark. I have a BA in Fine Art from “Accademy of Brera” in Milano, and a BA in Animation from “Experimental Center of Cinematography” in Turin. I took part at the European workshop “ASF – Animation sans frontiers 2014/2015, about development and production of animated projects, Anidox:Lab about development of animated documentary, and Anidox:residency.

My latest short film Egg was awarded with a crystal for first film at Annecy, received a Golden Dove at Dok Leipzig, Golden Horseman at Filmfest Dresden, among others, was nominated for best short film at the European Animation Awards 2018 and shortlisted for the 2020 Cesar Award

Film Information

Director: Martina Scarpelli
Country: France
Year: 2018
Language: N/A
Runtime: 12 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal et Pierre Baussaron (Miyu Productions), Lana Tankosa Nikolic (Late Love)

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