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Engulf You

Directed by Steven Cleavland & Kyle Kadow
Narrative Short
USA | 3 min | 2020

Exploring the idea of internal struggle, Engulf You is a film painting the never ending ‘dance’ of emotions that make us. Much like the concept of the cosmic duality of Yin and Yang, our emotions are in a constant tango, vying for victory over one another. This film focuses particularly on the claustrophobia within us when anxieties and self doubt truly engulf us.

Engulf You - Poster

We wrote this film after finding out a local cinematographer (Tony Porter) was renting out a camera package to shoot some spec films. He mentioned wanting to cast twins for the project and we decided to move forward with the theme of duality. Being a no budget project every crew member had to wear multiple hats in order to pull this off before the weekend rentals had to be returned. Although shooting with a skeleton crew on no-budget shoots is less than ideal we found it does allow for a lot of discovery in collaboration. This piece is exactly that, taking an idea and furthering it in production with the different skill sets we had available to us.

Engulf You - Steven Cleavland & Kyle KadowFound Format (Steven Cleavland & Kyle Kadow)

Found Format is a director duo from Milwaukee, WI. Steven Cleavland & Kyle Kadow were friends in high school turned film-making partners in 2017. They’ve been getting their feet wet in short films, music videos, and commercials for the last few years. They center on pushing the limits of the real and abstract while keeping the themes of humanity at the core. Still early in their film careers at age 25, Found Format has so much potential for growth in the stories they will tell.

Film Information

Director: Found Format (Steven Cleavland & Kyle Kadow)
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 3 min.
Rated: PG


Writers: Steven Cleavland, Kyle Kadow
Producer: Steven Cleavland,  Kyle Kadow, Tony Porter
Director of Photography:  Tony Porter
Music: Nick Zoulek
Narrator/Poem: Bethany Price

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