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The Faces that Never Fade

Directed by Chandlor Ralston
Documentary Feature
USA | 50 min | 2020

The Faces that Never Fade shows how war lives on in every veteran that comes home.

The Faces that Never Fade focuses on showing the humanity of the Vietnam War through the experiences of John Tutle by diving into the erosion of hope from the constant repetition of day to day tasks mixed with the insanity of war along with the enduring memories of the sights and sounds of losing friends.  John’s journey will show how war lives on in every veteran that comes home and the ones who didn’t come back are always carried with them. From learning to live with PTSD to moving on and helping other veterans John’s story is just one experience of millions that have served in a combat zone for this country.

The Faces That Never Fade | Movie Poster

The Faces That Never Face - Chandlor RalstonChandlor Ralston

Chandlor is a Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying electrical engineering. He was part of the Harlem Veteran Project during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school year. In 2016 he joined the military and went to Fort Jackson before his senior year of high school. Following his graduation he left for Fort Leonard Wood to complete his training. He plans to continue helping out the project as well as editing side projects.

Film Information

Director: Chadlor Ralston
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language:  English
Runtime: 50 min
Rated: PG



Editor: Chandlor Ralston, Nicholas Stange
Camera Operator: Nick Talan, Nicholas Stange

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