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Celebrating Women in Film | BIFF 2019Directed by Veronica Kedar
Narative Feature
Israel | 104 min | 2017

In a perfect world, Lily would have grown up with a loving father, a caring mother, a sane sister and a brother who wasn’t madly in love with her… But you can’t always get what you want… and Lily finds herself in her living room, staring at four dead bodies.

She goes to her therapist after hours, to confess and make sense of this confusing day. But Lily’s therapist isn’t home. Her teenage, judgmental, insensitive daughter is. Lily finds herself once more, locked in a battle of wills for some serious adult attention.

“Family” is the portrait of every family, if it’s being taken in the dark.

Veronica Kedar, DirectorVeronica Kedar

Veronica Kedar is a 34 year-old filmmaker from Tel Aviv. Her short film TAIL won the Original Director Award at the Israeli International Student Film Festival, and a special screenwriting grant from Lars Von Triers’ Zentropa at the Up & Coming Film Festival in Germany.

Kedar’s first feature film JOE + BELLE (which she wrote, directed and produced) was nominated for Best Picture at the Israeli Academy Awards in 2012. She received an Excellence Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture for her contribution to Israeli independent film. Her current FAMILY premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival and has been screened in Talinn Black Nights, Imagine Film Festival, Raindance and more.

Family Poster | Veronica Kedar, Director

Film Information

Directors: Veronica Kedar
Country: Israel
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 104 min.
Rated: MA


Producers: Mosh Danon, Thanassis, Karathanos
Writer: Veronica Kedar

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