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Directed by Paul Franklin
Narrative Short
United Kingdom | 15 min | 2021

A tense, darkly humorous, thriller, told in real time in the moments before a drone strike. Set in an MI6 Ops Room, innovative use of Virtual Production brings us closer to the potential victims of the attack.

Creative digital toolsets have been extending the range of filmmakers for many years but the process usually happens in post production, divorced from the energy of life on set. Now a groundbreaking new technique “Virtual Production” holds the promise of telling extraordinary stories in a dynamic and immediate way. The LED screens and realistic graphics bring sets and locations to life on a studio stage.

This new approach to filmmaking opens up the story of FIREWORKS, giving it a compellingly realistic treatment that fully embraces the expressive possibilities of the technique. FIREWORKS takes us from the cool, glowing obsessions of the special operations room out into the vibrant energy of a market place in Tripoli. Gillian Lye, a military intelligence officer whose fierce ambition recognises no obstacles on the path to achieving her goals, will set these two worlds on a deadly collision course as she closes in on the terrorist militant that she has been tracking for years.

FIREWORKS gives the audience new and exciting ways to immerse themselves in this brilliantly complex, and at times darkly humorous film. The immediacy of the story and the Virtual Production will give the audience an experience that is uniquely engaging and heart stoppingly tense.

Fireworks - Poster

Fireworks - Paul FranklinPaul Franklin

Double Academy Award winner Paul Franklin is best known for his long running collaboration with Christopher Nolan, gaining international recognition for his VFX work on films including ‘Inception’ and ‘Interstellar’.
‘Fireworks’ is Paul’s second short film as a director.

Film Information

Director: Paul Franklin
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 15 min.
Rated:  R


Writer: Steven Lally
Producer: Annalise Davis
Cinematography: Ollie Downey, BSC
Composer: Andy Gray
Editor: Pani Scott

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