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Fish and Puddle

Directed by Ali Barati
Narrative Feature
Iran | 76 min | 2021

Ali Yazdani, a 12-year-old teenager, a genius and simultaneously naughty boy with full of mistakes, was born in a poor family.

Due to his many mistakes and disruption of school order, he has expelled from the best school in the city. By entering the new school, his inventions have taken on new dimensions.

At the age of 18, Ali has gone to a science camp with a team of elites for a few days. A foreign company enters into a negotiation with the elites during the camp.

Ali thought that (Mahboubeh), his favorite girl, would be present in this journey. He was arrested by the police for a mistake he made, and Ali was later deported after consultations.
Upon returning to the city, he realized that he has lost his place among the elites, and in order to show himself, he seeks to build a Gyroplane and works in an abandoned metal silo.

Mahboubeh, who is aware of this issue, helps him from afar without realizing it. Ali has failed in his work and become more lonely than ever. Although, he claims that no one appreciates him, so he decides to continue his education in the United States.

Ali realized his mistakes by reviewing his past and gradually has put aside his pride, recovers himself, and succeeds in flying Gyroplane by completing it.

Fish can also be found in the pond.
It is not necessary to search for fish only in the sea and rivers.
What beautiful fishes that were neglected in small towns, perished and died.
It was enough to trust them a little.

Fish and Puddle - Poster

Fish and Puddle - Ali BaratiAli Barati

It was in 1987 that a boy in a small town named “Eghlid” celebrated the beginning of his world with tears.
It is clear from the beginning that he knew what a cruel, bitter, dangerous but wonderful world he had entered.
He ate, grew, saw, heard, touched, experienced, learned, and grew up, like other creatures, specifically the human species.
He got a secondary diploma, a bachelor’s degree diploma, a master’s degree diploma like everyone else who obtains them.
But with the difference that in the meantime, he chose, studied and left different and irrelevant fields of education and specialties, then went to the next one.
Astronomy, chemistry, computers, physics and even theological and religious sciences ….
Finally, he realized that the only place where he can try everything and taste them is probably the cinema …
Now he is busy writing and directing movies …
This is who I am …
This is Ali Barati

Film Information

Director: Ali Barati
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Year: 2021
Language: Persian
Runtime: 76 min.
Rated: PG


Writer: Mehdi Namjoo, Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri, Ali Barati
Producer: Hadi Anbardar
Director of Photography: Mehdi Ilbeygi
Music: Behzad Abdi
Editor: Hassan Hassandoost

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