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Directed by Chaerin Im
Narrative Short
USA | 4 min | 2018

Experimental animation about gender and sexuality, the awkwardness of division. Uncanny sculptures of vagina and penis are the main element.

From the moment I could hold a camera, I knew I would grow up to make this film. Making “Fraser Syndrome & Me” gave me the opportunity to give to others what I needed growing up. I needed to know that I wasn’t as alone as I felt. My family needed to know that there were others out there going through the same journey. That yes, it is going to be a long and sometimes difficult road, but there is hope. After all of my traveling, I can honestly say that the individuals I met who have Fraser Syndrome are some of the best people. Everyone would enjoy hearing their stories and have the pleasure of knowing them. It is clear that these individuals have experienced a lot of hardships but they choose to be loving and kind. Parents that have endured these hardships continue to fight and believe in their child when the world does not. I started this journey feeling utterly alone. But now, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of this beautiful family.

Flora - Poster

Chaerin Im

Chaerin Im is a female filmmaker who focuses on sexuality and
gender issues through animation. She graduated Seoul National University’s Visual Communication Design BFA program( at 2017) and recently studying at CalArts Experimental Animation MFA program.
2018 꽃 FLORA (04:17 min, non-fiction, short, MFA film school project)
2017 THE GENESIS (03:32 min, fiction, short, BFA thesis
school project)

Film Information

Director: Chaerin Im
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 4 min.
Rated: R


Writer: Chaerin Im
Producer: Chaerin Im
Director of Photography: Chaerin Im
Editor: Chaerin Im
Music: Roger Kim

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