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The Founder Effect

Directed by Justin MacGregor
Narrative Feature
Canada | 111 min | 2023

A perfect family getaway is suddenly upended when a policeman’s grandson disappears. Jack Rooney (Rick Edwards) has already lost a son. He’s not about to lose his grandson, too. Forced to reckon with family history, he sets out to rescue the boy from the shadows… a journey of conscience rippled by the voice of a visiting missing persons expert (Greg Sestero), whose haunting tales of the vanished illuminate the mysterious phenomena that seem to be in Jack’s way. In a town called Hope, can redemption be found?

“The Room’s Greg Sestero stars as missing persons expert in new trailer”

Radio Times

“The Founder Effect is ‘a powerful meditation on grief, loss, and familial love.””

Sarah Saw a Movie

The mystery and paranormal lore of disappearances in the Pacific Northwest have long fascinated me, but it’s the concrete and universal connections that exist between family and the generations that tether us together that has truly kept this journey close to my heart. In the pursuit of his grandson from the shadows, our protagonist Jack’s internal compass guides him toward truth, redemption… and ultimately, self-forgiveness—so often the most elusive piece of our personal puzzle.

The Founder Effect

The Founder Effect - Justin MacGregorJustin MacGregor

Justin MacGregor is a director, cinematographer, and producer, best known for his feature films BEST F(R)IENDS Volumes 1 + 2 — the cinematic reunion of cult legends Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of THE ROOM fame, his first feature film THE GENERATIONS, and his commercial videography and music video work spanning the last decade. Working behind the camera is all he’s ever known. A keen student of cinema, Justin seeks out creative avenues lesser taken, always striving to promulgate new imagery and unexplored perspectives.

Justin grew up in Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley. He is the co-founder of Roguescots, a commercial videography and narrative film production house, based in Vancouver, Canada, where he now resides.

Film Information

Director: Justin MacGregor
Country: Canada
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 111 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Justin MacGregor
Producer: Kristopher MacGregor, Jacky Chan, Justin Tang, David Wong, Justin MacGregor
Cinematography: Justin MacGregor

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