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Directed by Hyunggu Lee
Narrative Short
Republic of Korea | 14 min | 2021

Jun-hyuk was tortured and forcibly discharged from the military service due to deteriorated training during the military special forces training.
On the other hand, the troops deal with the incident in a simple way, and the three soldiers who bullied Jun-hyuk continue to serve in the military without being punished. Victims and perpetrators have changed. Jun-hyuk asks Ho-chul, who bullied him after the meeting with the deputy commander, to tell him the truth, but Ho-chul is more humiliating to Jun-hyuk.
Jun-hyuk, who lost his lifelong dream, job, fiance, testicles and everything in his life, dreams of revenge for the soldiers who hurt him.

Fiction which involves an autobiographical memory. It is impossible to talk a violent revenge in reality, so decided to resolve my anger through film.

Fragile - Poster

Fragile - Hyunggu LeeHyunggu Lee

He is born in 1989.
He is studying at Korea National University of Arts, SCHOOL OF FILM, TV & MULTIMEDIA.

Film Information

Director: Hyunggu Lee
Country: Republic of Korea
Year: 2021
Language: Korean
Runtime: 14 min.
Rated:  MA


Writer: Changyeop Lee
Producer:Jihyun Jung
Director of Photography: Tae wan Jeong
Editor: Hyunggu Lee, Jaekeun Jo
Key Cast:  Oh Ryoong, Park Ho Chul, Ji hoon Kim, Jihan Kim, Chung sik Seo, Pyung joe Kim, Ji hong Moon

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