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Ghost’s Best Friend

Directed by Michael Leffler
Narrative Short
United States | 2min | 2022

Late at night a dog plays with his ball. The balls rolls away from him and he chases it into a cemetery where he meets a new friend.

In this time period we are living in right now it is easy to be cynical. I want to rebel against that. This story is about a dog who meets a ghost who tries to scare him but the dog doesn’t see the ghost as scary but as a fellow living being.

Ghost's Best Friend - Poster

Ghost's Best Friend - Michael LefflerMichael Leffler

I’m Michael Leffler and I was born on Dec. 2nd 1994 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I grew up in the Milwaukee area in Wauwatosa. I have a love and passion for film and animation ever since I was a kid. I went to MATC to study animation under Tim Decker. I’m a recent graduate of the animation program of the Peck School of the Arts Film/Video/Animation/New Genres at UWM.

Film Information

Director: Michael Leffler
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 2 min.
Rated:  G


Writer: Michael Leffler
Producer: Michael Leffler
Animation: Michael Leffler

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