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God’s Petting You

Directed by Jamie Patterson
Narrative Feature
United Kingdom | 90 min | 2019

God’s Petting You is a dark and twisted comedy that explores the depths and depravity of the Brighton underworld. Charlie, a down on his luck heroin addict, falls in love with a struggling sex addict, and together they hatch a hair-brained scheme to steal a small fortune from a criminally inclined porn star.

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“Tall Tales” is set in 1945, shortly after World War II. This historical backdrop makes it possible to remember our past and to reflect to our present at the same time. We wanted to include issues in our story that might still have relevance today, issues that still cause pain to our society, some of these issues might be more painful universally at the moment than in a country with no war for over 73 years.
Domestic violence, post-traumatic syndrome, or simply, two people trying to trust each other – these issues and challenges are present in our lives today. Just as they were present in 1945. Some things don’t change. Things that suppose to change. Things we should have learnt to deal with by now.
I truly hope that even a thriller full of twists and turns, that tells the story of a sweeping romance after the war while heavily paying hommage to Alfred Hitchcock and his films, can achieve change. By talking about these issues in a universal way. With the hope that one day we’ll learn to deal with them.

God's Petting You - Poster

God's Petting You - Jamie PattersonJamie Patterson

Jamie Patterson is a prolific British filmmaker who co-owns Brighton- based production company Jump Start Productions. In 2017 Patterson wrote and directed Tucked, a British drama set in the world of drag queens. The film premiered at Outfest Film Festival 2018 in Los Angeles, where it won the ‘Audience Award’ and ‘Best International Narrative’.

Patterson’s subsequent feature film Tracks had its world premiere to a sold-out crowd at London’s Raindance Film Festival. Written and directed by Patterson, this ‘interrailing comedy’ about a couple who take a trip by rail around Europe, was shot in some of the biggest tourist destinations on the continent, including London, Paris, Nice, Rome and Venice. The romantic comedy will be released on Hulu this year. His new film Justine was nominated for the Bifa Raindance Discovery Award and has been picked up by Curzon Home Cinema.

Previously Patterson directed sci-fi thriller Caught which premiered at Portugal’s renowned Fantasporto Film Festival, receiving the ‘Critics Choice Award’. Patterson’s other films include 2017’s Fractured, which won a record-breaking six awards including ‘Best Director’ at the British Horror Film Festival.

Patterson’s new film The Kindred has its world premiere at this years Frightfest Film Festival. He directed his first feature film at the age of 21.

Film Information

Director: Jamie Patterson
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 90 min
Rated: R


Writer: Jamie Patterson
Producers: Jamie Patterson, George Webster, John Summers, Henry Summers, Dom Machan
Cinematographer: Paul O’Callaghan

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