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Golden Voices

Directed by Layne Marie Williams
Narrative Short
USA | 14 min | 2019

Determined to uncover the source of “Golden Voices” appearing on unknown frequencies across Indiana, Paranormal Investigator Radha Laburnum takes her radio show on the road. As if guided by destiny, she comes into contact with sleepwalking children whispering of gold… She wonders: Are they cautioning us? What is the gold?

Eswani’s mission is to promote and inspire more women and people of color to tell their stories, especially to those in her own South Asian and Muslim community- to promote diversity, peace, love and more understanding in the world

Golden Voices - Poster

Golden Voices - Layne Marie Williams
Layne Marie Williams

Layne Marie Williams is an award-winning director and filmmaker currently based in Chicago, IL. She is the Founder/Executive Director of the womanist film collective, Women of The Now, and Co-Founder of the five year standing The Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia, PA. Williams has written and directed numerous movies throughout her career and recently won Best Director for the paranormal short “Golden Voices” as part of the Indiana Film Race as well as taking home the gold for Best Actor, Best Cinematographer, and Best Picture.

Film Information

Director: Layne Marie Williams
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 13 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Grace Pisula
Writer: Zack Sievers
Director of Photography: Grace Pisula
Editor: Grace Pisula
Composer: Elliot Callighan

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BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival