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Grandpa’s Getaways

Celebrating Women in Film | BIFF 2019Directed by Kristin Holodak
Narrative Short
U.S.A. | 13 min | 2018

Grandpa’s Getaways is a film about love and memory. Will has always been the hero of his own stories in spite of the fact that no one believes him. How much of it is true? And how much does it really matter?

Kristin Holodak, DirectorKristin Holodak

Kristin Holodak has been drawn to image making ever since she was a child and begged her dad to let her hold the family camera while on vacation and then snuck a picture after being explicitly told not to touch any of the buttons. After completing an MFA in film production, she is now an assistant professor in digital media at Marquette University, helping the next generation find their voices as filmmakers.

Grandpa's Getaways

Film Information

Director: Kristin Holodak
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2018
Language: English
Runtime: 13 min
Rated: PG


Writer: Kristin Holodak
Producer:Maria Patrella
Editor: Kristin Holodak
Composer: Benn Cole
Director of Photography: Dana Shihadah
Key Cast: Kevin Duffy, Libby Amato, Tom Marks, Toni Brady,

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