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Grasshopper Republic

Directed by Daniel McCabe
Documentary Feature
United States | 94 min | 2023

Filmed over the course of three seasons, GRASSHOPPER REPUBLIC follows a local grasshopper trapping team in verité style, as these modern-day prospectors push into remote forests seeking their fortune by capturing this elusive prey.
We witness massive generators being hauled up collapsing mudbanks. Light posts are erected with chemically treated bulbs, casting a lurid neon green pall over the tree canopy, irresistibly attracting the swarm to their corrugated iron traps.
With otherworldly visuals, these distinct universes collide with a burst of emotion. The trappers, who have suffered through injury, sickness, and exhaustion, finally have their moment and relief washes over them. As for the grasshoppers who have been lured into a trap through unnatural trickery, their path ends in a frying pan.
Shifting between these two perspectives sparks consideration for man’s relationship to nature and our collective effect on it.

“We’re at a crux in human history. Never before have we experienced so many converging problems: the climate crisis, social and economic inequality, cultural trauma, and the transportation clusterfuck. “The Engine Inside” is about unlocking the bicycle as a simple, and often overlooked, solution for many of our challenges. T

he timing and the message of this film has never been as poignant or as urgent as it is now. We hope this empowers people all over the world to ride their bikes and know that a better future is possible.” – Darcy Wittenburg

Grasshopper Republic - Poster

Grasshopper Republic - Daniel McCabe

Daniel McCabe

Daniel McCabe is known for This is Congo (2017), Grasshopper Republic (2023) and Op-Docs (2011).

Film Information

Director: Daniel McCabe
Country: United States
Year: 2023
Language:Luganda, English
Runtime: 94 min
Rated:  PG


Producer: Daniel McCabe. Michele Sibiloni, Otto Bell, Alyse Ardell Spiegel
Writer: Michael McCabe
Cinematography:Daniel McCabe. Michele Sibiloni, Michael McCabe
Editor: Alyse Ardell Spiegel, Daniel McCabe
Music: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

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