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The Guardians

Directed by Billie Mintz
Documentary Feature
USA | 104 min | 2018

When Rudy and Rennie North retired in Las Vegas, the couple looked forward to their golden years in their own home.

They didn’t expect a state-appointed guardian to control their life savings and separate them from their daughter. Kidnapped from their home and drugged, they immediately lost their freedom to a stranger. Director Billie Mintz exposes a shockingly corrupt system, fueled by greed, that has targeted Baby Boomer wealth.

His relentless investigation makes him an advocate and ally, following numerous families who are fighting to free their parents and bring justice to those who have abused a vulnerable population. Untangling a web of deceit, it becomes clear there are many more whose voices have been silenced.

As an unprecedented portion of the population are about to become senior citizens, the perils of government programs meant to care for the elderly are brought into sharp focus in this unsettling cautionary tale.

Billie Mintz, director | The GuardiansBillie Mintz

Billie Mintz is an award winning filmmaker who has produced and directed five feature length documentaries and several non-fiction and narrative short films. He is represented by the William Morris Endeavor Agency.

Two seasons working with National Geographic, both in front and behind camera, has sent him all over the globe to bring back stories for their signature series “Explorer”. Billie’s new feature with The Documentary Channel, “The Guardians” is a feature length investigative documentary that uncovers a criminal enterprise running straight through family court for the financial exploitation and incarceration of elderly people in Las Vegas.

His second documentary, The Ponzi Scheme (70 min, 2010) is an investigation into victims of personal financial fraud. It premiered on The Sundance Channel. Jesus Town USA (80min, 2014,) executive produced by SKY ATLANTIC, had its world premiere at AMDOCS (The American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs) and international premiere at Hot Docs. It aired on Showtime, CBC and Netflix.

The Guardians - Movie Poster

Film Information

Directors: Billie Mintz
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Language:  English
Runtime: 104 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writers: Billie Mintz
Producers: JB Sugar and Billie Mintz

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