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Hearts of Glass

Directed by Jennifer Tennican
Documentary Feature
United States | 169 min | 2019

Hearts of Glass is a plunge into the critical first 15 months of operation of Vertical Harvest (VH), a highly innovative experiment in growing crops and providing meaningful employment for people with disabilities. VH is a vertical farm built on 1/10 of an acre at an elevation of 6,237 feet. The high-tech hydroponic greenhouse is located in Jackson, Wyoming, a mountain town with extreme seasonal fluctuations in weather, population and demand for goods and services. Business drama is interwoven with the personal journeys of individuals who are part of an underemployed and underestimated group, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Plants and people grow together in this intimate portrait of one community’s attempt to address timely and pressing issues around local food production, inclusion and opportunity.

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“Tree of Life” is a whimsical short that gives nod to classic fables and fantasy stories. As the director, my focus was to maintain the integrity of the script and create a fun, magical world where Humans and Nymphs can co-exist. We utilized VFX to add a magical twist to the narrative, which enhanced the comedic elements of the film. We also worked closely with our talented cast to ensure that the dialogue flowed smoothly, allowing it to inform our camera movements and capture the essence and fun cadence of the story.

Ultimately, “Tree of Life” is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. By using humor and magic, we hope to inspire viewers to take action towards preserving our environment, while also providing them with a few laughs.

Hearts of Glass - Poster

Hearts of Glass - Jennifer TennicanJennifer Tennican

Jennifer Tennican began her documentary career in the late 1990s working on NOVA science programs for WGBH with independent producers in the Boston area. Since moving to Wyoming in 2002, she has focused on local projects and storytelling. Her films explore identity, inclusion and community, and although they are rooted in Jackson Hole, they resonate far beyond the mountain west. Ms. Tennican’s award-winning work, including “The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads” and “Far Afield: A Conservation Love Story,” has been featured in numerous film festivals and distributed nationally on PBS. Her new award-awarding winning documentary, “Hearts of Glass – A Vertical Farm Takes Root in Wyoming,” has screened at festivals, conferences and in communities across the nation. Outreach and engagement plans include a national grassroots screening and discussion tour, and PBS broadcast in 2020, the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Film Information

Director: Jennifer Tennican
Country:  United Staes
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 68 min
Rated:  PG


Writer: Jennifer Tennican, Marni Walsh, Trask McFarland
Producer: Jennifer Tennican, Marni Walsh,
Director of Photography: Melinda Binks, Blake Ciulla
Editor: Trask McFarland

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