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Hell’s Heart

Directed by Ryan Denmark

Narrative Feature
USA | 1 hr 36 min | 2015

Martin Cole, a lonely 10 year old boy becomes enamored with his neighbor, Lisa. One evening, Martin witnesses her brutal murder and his life changes forever.

Decades later, Martin is engaged to Lisa’s daughter. But as the wedding draws closer, something is taking control of his mind and body. Either in the grip of a demonic possession, or descending into madness, Martin is convinced that the invading spirit is Lisa herself, opening old painful wounds for her family and rekindling his first love.

Hell's Heart - Ryan DenmarkRyan Denmark
Director, Producer, Writer

Ryan Denmark premiered his first two feature films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, with ROMEO & JULIET VS. THE LIVING DEAD in 2009 and CHASE THE SLUT in 2010. Also an accomplished editor, his feature documentary, BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK, enjoyed great critical and box office success, receiving nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards and the Gotham Awards in addition to being short-listed for the Oscars.

Ryan currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he serves as an editor on Spike Lee’s new film CHI-RAQ


Hell's Heart Poster

Film Information

Directors: Ryan Denmark
Countries: USA
Year: 2015
Languages: English
Runtime: 1 hr 36 min


Producers: Ryan Denmark, Carol Matthews-Nicoli
Executive Producers: 
Diane Perell & Larry Holzenthaler
Ryan Denmark
Executive Producers: 
Nancy Schafer, Louis Venezia & Laila Rossi

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