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Honey and Jerome Forever!

Directed by A.C. Lamberty
Narrative Short
USA | 10 min | 2018

A young drag queen moonlighting as a contract killer receives her latest hit: her boyfriend.

Inspired by exploitation films of the 1960s and 70s, “Honey and Jerome Forever!” aims to put a uniquely queer twist on the grindhouse genre. With this film, I wanted to explore LGBT characters that are flawed, evil, greedy – all things that, in mainstream media, gay characters are not allowed to be. Suspend your disbelief and spend a night at Sticky Lips with a drag queen-turned-hitman, her drug dealing boyfriend, and an assignment that will change her life.
Honey and Jerome Forever! - Poster

Honey and Jerome Forever! - AC LambertyA.C. Lamberty

A.C. Lamberty is a native Minnesotan, a former Bostonian, and currently a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. Taking great pride in her lesbian identity, Lamberty’s works focus on LGBTQ+ issues and characters in colorful, fun ways, from the drag-queen-turned-hitman character in her breakout short “Honey and Jerome Forever!” to the delightfully queer ensemble in “A Beginner’s Guide to Hanky Code,” an official selection for 2019’s NewFest. Lamberty is an accomplished screenwriter, with scripts taking top honors at the Omaha, Nashville, and Annapolis Film Festivals. Now in Los Angeles, Lamberty hopes to connect with other LGBTQ+ creators to bring queer stories to life. Currently, she is directing the webseries “The Beautiful Women of Los Angeles, California” alongside producing partner Jen Masi.

Film Information

Director: A.C. Lamberty
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 10 min.
Rated: R


Producer: Grace Condon
Writer: A.C. Lamberty
Director of Photography: Bobby Li
Editor: Deijah Lee-Carroll
Composer: Trevor Kowalski

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