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Wednesday, May 31st, 6:30 PM, 2023
Downtown Beloit Association Office
557 E. Grand Ave. Downtown Beloit

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Honor in the Heartland: The Story of the USS Beloit

Directed by Julius S. Fomotor
Documentary Feature
United States | 56 min | 2022

For more than a century, soldiers from Beloit, Wisconsin have traveled the world to battle and protect our great nation. For about that same amount of time Fairbanks Morse (also from Beloit) has built engines that power many of the Navy’s great ships and submarines. Finally, after all these years of defending freedom from the heartland, the United States Navy has recently bestowed the honor of naming a US Naval vessel the USS Beloit. This is the story of the naming, building and christening of that ship.

Honor in the Heartland | The story of the USS Beloit, poster

Julius S. Fomotor, Director | Honor in the HeartlandJulius S. Fomotor

Julius S. Fomotor – Cinematographer and Digital Video Pioneer

1984 – Helped create and develop a new video production company based out of the Milwaukee nightclub Park Avenue.
1989 – Bought this production company from Park Avenue and changed the name to Spectrum Productions.
1996 – First production company in Midwest to purchase Sony’s all Digital (Digital BETACAM) camcorder Sony DVW 700. Changed name to Digital TeleVision Productions.
2004 – First production company in Wisconsin to purchase Panasonic new high definition tape-based (Varicam) camcorder Panasonic AJ- HDC27.
2006 – Won two regional EMMY Awards for producing and filming PBS Documentary “Masters of Texas Barbecue.”
2008 – Changed name to Fomotor Media.
2012 – First production company in Wisconsin to purchase Canon’s new revolutionary high definition camcorder Canon C300.
2019 – First Production Company to purchase Canon’s new 35mm full-frame 5.9K camera the Canon C500 Mark II.
2019 – Celebrating 30 years as a small business owner.

Film Information

Director:  Julius S. Fomotor
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 56 min
Rated:  G


Producer: Jil Ritter, Julius S. Fomotor, Wendy Prabhu, Michelle Hargis, Susan Borri
Narrator: Marcia Anderson
Music and Composition: Pete Ruzicka
Story Development: Julius S. Fomotor, Susan Borri
Writer: Susan Borri
Cinematography: Julius S. Fomotor, Alex P. Walzak
Additional Footage: Drywater Productions, Lockheed Martin

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