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Directed by Rebecca Flinn-White

Narrative Short
USA | 25 min | 2018

A young Hutterite girl growing up in a patriarchal Anabaptist commune yearns for an education. She must choose between the security of her life in the colony and the freedom of the outside world.

Rebecca Flinn-White, DirectorRebecca Flinn-White, Director

Rebecca Flinn-White is a Director living in Studio City, CA. She is a Producer’s Guild Diversity Fellow, and holds a B.F.A. in Theater from Webster Conservatory in St. Louis, MO.

Becca’s most recent directing credit, Hutterite is a 23 minute period drama she directed on location in South Dakota. The story is loosely inspired by her mother’s own harrowing tale of escaping an Anabaptist Commune in the 1970’s. It starred Kimmy Gatewood (Glow), Drew Powell (Gotham), and Brooke Sorenson (The Middle, Thunderman’s)

In 2016, Becca created a dual language television series called Journey to the East for XRM Productions that she had the honor of Co-Directing Alongside veteran TV Director, Roger Christiansen (Hannah Montana, Friends).

She is the Co-Founder of SulliFlinn Productions where she has directed numerous shorts, parodies, and web-series, the most notable being Period’s Big Adventure which was featured on Elizabeth Bank’s comedy website, WHOHAHA.

She is currently developing a television series called Legs with her producing partner, Katy Sullivan.

Hutterite Move Poster

Film Information

Directors: Rebecca Flinn-White
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Language:  English
Runtime:  23 min


Producer: Daniel Gartner, Lauren Siefer
Associate Producer: Whitney Gries
David Gaston Green
Creative Director & Co-director of Photography:
Dave Jacobsen
Co-director of Photography:
Zakk Eginton
Nick Gartner

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