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I Want to Live in the Zoo

Celebrating Women in Film | BIFF 2019Directed by Evgenia Golubeva
Narrative Short
Russian Federation | 6 min | 2017

Sasha struggles at home. Her parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge and do homework. Sasha decides that life in the zoo sounds much more interesting! She heads off to try and find her place among a bunch of penguins or maybe giraffes?

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I Want to Live in the Zoo - Evgenia GolubevaEvgenia Golubeva

Evgenia studied directing and writing for animation in the University of Cinema and TV in St. Petersburg (Russia). Then she studied writing for children in the french animation school “La Poudriere” in Valence (France) and in the Groucho Club in London. She worked in the children media industry for 7 years as a writer, director, content creator, illustrator and character designer. Her animated short films won awards around the globe and have been screened in many festivals. Three of her preschool TV series projects are optioned by production companies in Ireland, UK and Russia. Her game project “Jelly Jumble” is available on the iTunes. Recently she’s got an award for the best game at Ocean Game Jam in Berlin. She works across different media using digital and hand drawn art. She loves folklore, different cultures and experimenting with the media.

Film Information

Directors: Evgenia Golubeva
Country: Russian Federation
Year: 2017
Language: English, Russian
Runtime: 6 min.
Rated: G


Writer: Evgenia Golubeva
Producers: Michael Aldashin, Anastasia Lunkova, Boris Mashkovzev
Key Cast: Alisa Tashkinova, Lyla McLeod, Dmitrij Tashkinov, Myles McLeod, Evgenia Golubeva
Music and Sound: Tom Angell
Head of Animation: Natalia Gabis
Background Artist: Ekaterina Plaksina

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