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In Plain View

Directed by Luis Palomino
Narrative Short
Mexico |15 min | 2021

Manot is a blind man who plays the saxophone on the sidewalk of Silom road in Bangkok. Ten meters away from him Ayutthaya, a deaf-mute homeless man, sniffs glue and sleeps all day. Through an impossible encounter between the two, instigated by the director of the film, secrets will unfold that will change their perspectives.

It’s my responsibility as a black man to share the African American experience through my films. But it’s my honor to depict the stories of any underrepresented community on screen.

In Plain View - Poster

In Plain View - Luis PalominoLuis Palomino

Luis Palomino graduated with honors as a film director from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (Mexico). His multi-awarded short film ‘El Último Velo’ (2013) was screened in 2014 at the Critics Week in Cannes, alongside other 40 international film festivals. His first feature length documentary ‘Mi Sangre Enarbolada’ (2016) was shown in important venues across the continent, including the prestigious Guadalajara International Film Festival. With a focus on compassion and grief, Luis Palomino’s search through the cinema aims to understand the human condition. He is currently working on his new feature film ‘Pablo López: The Infallible Remedy of Music’. Additionally he has worked as a filmmaker for international NGO’s such as Freeland (Thailand), USAID (USA) and Con Mono Maya (Mexico).

Film Information

Director: Luis Palomino
Country: Mexico
Year: 2021
Language: Spanish, Thai, English
Runtime: 15 min.
Rated: G


Producer: Sirin Mcintyre, Smithi Skunnawat
Writer: Luis Palomino

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