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In the Clouds (En Las Nubes)

Directed by Marcelo Mitnik

Short Narrative
Argentina| 20 minutes | 2014

EN LAS NUBES (In the Clouds) explores the complicated -and often comedic- differences between how we think romance should work and how it actually does. Set around Buenos Aires during one momentous week in the lives of Mariela, an Argentinean illustrator, and Oliver, an American dog food executive working abroad, the film takes a look at cultural disagreements about intimacy and the way the once-simple idea of a marriage proposal has taken on an increasingly public, and sometimes ridiculous, weight in this golden age of YouTube.

In the Clouds - Marcelo Mitik

Marcelo Mitnik
Director, Producer, Writer

Marcelo grew up and attended film school in Cordoba, Argentina. After producing and directing commercials and music videos, he moved to the U.S to study at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. Shortly after completing his Master’s degree in screenwriting, he was hired to write “Pretending,” the Hollywood remake of a South American film of the same name. Marcelo,whose work includes the script for the European/Canadian film “Dreamland,” is currently working on what will be his feature film debut as a director, and as producer and writer of a number of remake projects of South American films, including the English-language remake of 2009’s Berlin Film Festival winner, “Gigante.” His work as a writer, both in English and Spanish, has been recognized with a British Academy of Film and Television(BAFTA/LA) Fellowship, a Sloan Film Award, among others. His work as a director has been selected for over seventy film festivals and has been recognized with multiple awards

In the Clouds Poster

Film Information

Director: Marcelo Mitnik
Country: Argentina
Year: 2014
Language: Spanish/English
Runtime: 20 minutes


Producers: Dave Kajganich and Paula Manzanedo Schmit
Executive Producer: Alex and Pola Zito
Co-Producer: Federico Posternak
Associate Producers: Maria Laura Ruggiero and Tamara Hunter
Cinematographer/DP:  Sol Lopatin
Art Director: Marina di Paola
Editors: Alejandro Brodersohn, Alejandro Carrillo Penovi, and Jose Manuel Streger
Production Assistants: Francisco Larralde, Gaston Cullici, and Rodrigo Lurlaro
Assistant and 2nd Assistant Directors: Fernando Alcalde, Marlene Grinberg, and Sabrina Garcia
Key Cast: Jeremy Glazer, Martin Piroyansky, Valerica Blanc, Alan Sabbagh, Javier Drolas, Luciano Cazaux, Luz Palazon, Maria Canale, and Veronica Hassan

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